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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

[Book Review] How To Stop Worrying & Start Living - DALE CARNEGIE

How To Stop Worrying & Start Living - DALE CARNEGIE - Book Review

how to stop worrying and start living, Dale Carnegie,
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR                                                                                      

Dale-Carnegie, Author-Dale-Carnegie,
Before starting the review of the book "HOW TO STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING" we would like to introduce you to the Author of this book.
DALE CARNEGIE was an American Lecturer as well as an author. He became famous as a pioneer in the field of public speaking and the psychology of successful personality.


"How To Stop Worrying & Start Living" book deals with deep seated emotions and ideas. Dale Carnegie has tried to give us a lot of advice on how to stop worrying and transform our lives. He has put in a lot of examples of people's lives. It is interesting to read them and easy to relate it with yourself. There is no use living with worry and fretfulness and keeping yourself away from leading an energetic and blissful life.

What The Author Says About This Book

I looked over those twenty-two books on worry reposing on the shelves of the New York Public Library. In addition, I purchased all the books on worry I could find; yet I couldn't discover even one that I could use as a text in my course for adults. So I resolved to write one myself. I began preparing my self to write this book seven years ago.
I am happy to say that you won't find in this book stories about an imaginary "Mr. B---" or a vague "Mary and John" whom no one can identify. Except in a few rare cases, this book names names and gives Street addresses. It is authentic. It is documented. It os vouched for ---and certified.
"Science," said the French Philosopher Valery, "is a collection of successful recipes." That is what this book is, a collection of successful and time-tested recipes to rid our lives of worry.
Please read the first forty-four pages of this book ---and if by that time you don't feel that you have acquired a new power and a new inspiration to stop worry and enjoy life---then toss this book into the dustbin. It is not good for you.


This book has been divided into nine parts. Each part this book contains different recipes. Actually not recipes, it has the best ideas on how you can stop worrying and start living.


Part One 

Fundamental Facts You Should Know About Worry

1. Live in "Day-tight Compartments"
2. A Magic Formula For Solving Worry Situations
3. What Worry May Do To You

Part Two

4. Basic Techniques In Analyzing Worry
5. How To Eliminate Fifty Percent of Your Business Worries

Part Three

How To Break The Worry Habit Before It Breaks You

6. How To Crowd Worry Out of Your Mind
7. Don't Let The Beetles Get You Down
8. A Law That Will Outlaw Many of Your Worries
9. Co-operate With The Inevitable
10. Put a "Stop-Loss" Order on Your Worries
11. Don't Try to Saw Sawdust

Part Four

Seven Ways To Cultivate A Mental Attitude That Will Bring You Peace And Happiness

12. Eight Words That Can Transform Your Life
13. The High Cost of Getting Even
14. If You Do This, You Will Never Worry About Ingratitude
15. Would You Take a Million Dollars for What You Have?
16. Find Yourself and Be Yourself: Remember
17. If You Have a Lemon, Make a Lemonade
18. How To Cure Melancholy in Fourteen Days

Part Five

The Golden Rule for Conquering Worry

19. How My Mother and Father Conquered Worry

Part Six

How To Keep From Worrying About Criticism

20. Remember That No One Ever Kicks a Dead Dog
21. Do This---and Criticism Can't Hurt You
22. Fool Things I Have Done

Part Seven

Six Ways To Prevent Fatigue And Worry And Keep Your Energy And Spirits High

23. How To Add One Hour A Day To Your Waking Life
24. What Makes YOU Tired---and What You Can Do About It
25. How The Housewife Can Avoid Fatigue---and Keep Looking Young
26. Four Good Working Habits That Will Help Prevent Fatigue and Worry
27. How To Banish The Boredom That Produces Fatigue, Worry and Resentment
28. How To Keep From Worrying About Insomnia

Part Eight

How To Find The Kind of Work In Which You May Be Happy and Successful

29. The Major Decision of Your Life

Part Nine

"How I Conquered Worry" - 32 True Stories


1. Develop a deep, driving desire to master the principles of conquering worry.

2. Read each chapter twice before going on to the next one.

3. As you read, stop frequently to ask yourself how you can apply each suggestion.

4. Review this book each month.

6. Apply these principles at every opportunity. Use this volume as a working handbook to help you solve your daily problems.

7. Make a lively game out of your learning by offering some friend a quarter every time you are caught violating one of these principles.

8. Check up each week on the progress you are making. Ask yourself what mistakes you have made, what improvement, what lessons you have learned for the future.

9. Keep a diary in the back of this book showing how and when you have applied these principles.


stop worrying and start living, dale carnegie,
Book- How To Stop Worrying & Start Living
Author- Dale Carnegie
Edition- First Edition 2016 © Lexicon Books
Published Year- 2016
Published by- Lexicon Books
Price - Rs. 150/-

   Pic Courtesy : Google

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