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Thursday, 7 December 2017

A 14 year Girl Raped and Brutally Killed By Her Uncle - The Gandhi Bro

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Girl Raped and Brutally killed 

India is a vast country. Nobody knows how many crime happens every day in India. Today "Cause I am a Girl" back with another shocking news for readers. After reading this news humans will not be confident in humanity. This is another news from India where a 14-year-old girl raped by her uncle and brutally killed. Don't you think it is an embarrassing moment for India where humans are not safe even with their owns? 

Full Story " A 14 year Girl Raped and Brutally killed by her Uncle"
Crime In India: Cause I am a Girl
In Bhojpur a district, A 14-year girl 'Soma'( the name is changed due to privacy) lived with her uncle. She had lost her parents in her childhood. Her uncle took care of her. She was also going to school. As she was getting older, her uncle's mentality changed about her. I don,t know why some people forget their humanity ahead of 'Hawas'? After than Soma's uncle was trying to touch her in many ways and always was looking for a chance to touch her. 
The day came. Soma was not even though that something like that would happen to her. Like every day, she came from her school. Her aunt was not present at home. This was the great opportunity for her uncle to torture her in absence of her aunt. Soma took her lunch and went to take some nap. Her uncle entered her room and tried to touch her but she opposed. She was really confused what her uncle is trying to do with her. But she came to knew that something is not right. She was trying to cry but her uncle caught her and closed her mouth with a piece of cloth. Then he took her to store room and raped her multiple times. Her aunt was searching her every day but her uncle used to say her that she has gone to her friend's home. About 4-5 days, he raped her multiple times and one day he chopped her into many parts and threw her in a well. After some days, people came to know that something is there in the well. They informed police and investigation started. Police recognized the dead body as 'Soma'. After an investigation, her uncle was arrested by police. But Soma was not in the world and her dreams also erased up fro this world with her.

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Domestic violence in India is endemic. Around 70% of women in India are victims of domestic violence, according to Renuka Chowdhury, former Union minister for Women and Child Development.
The National Crime Records Bureau reveal that a crime against a woman is committed every three minutes, a woman is raped every 29 minutes, a dowry death occurs every 77 minutes, and one case of cruelty committed by either the husband or relative of the husband occurs every nine minutes. This occurs despite the fact that women in India are legally protected from domestic abuse under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.  source: Wikipedia

"The Gandhi Bro" brings every day, a new and shocking news in favour of girls. So stay tuned to us for latest and viral pieces of stuff. Comment on your thoughts.

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